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QAMT Conference 3 & 4 October

Catalysing Change

Visit the TI Booth at the Conference

TI Australian Team will be there to answer all your questions, drop by the booth and mention code word: TEXAS to receive a gift!

Workshops using TI Technology

Designing An A4 Paper Rocket
Stephen Broderick
In July 2019, the Australian Space Agency opened for business in Adelaide. There will be many future positions available for engineers and mathematical modellers. In this problem-solving activity, participants will design and test a paper rocket made out of a sheet of A4 paper. The paper rockets will be launched and examples of data collected and analysis will be presented.

Two Astronomical STEM Activities
Stephen Broderick
Can I accurately determine the tilt of the Earth’s axis and determine my location’s latitude with just a pinhole camera? Can I prove that the Earth’s orbit is elliptical, calculate its eccentricity and determine the dates of perihelion and aphelion? Both of these activities can be used in a primary context and can be extended and used as a PSMT in the senior school. One lucky participant will win a pinhole camera.

Modelling Motion
Peter Fox
Linear, quadratic and trigonometric functions are just the start. There are so many areas of mathematics that become so much richer when students model motion. Somersaults, bouncing balls, pendulums, and hot air balloons; the sky is the limit.

Parabolas – Shifting The Focus
Peter Fox
There is so much more to this wonderful curve than factorising and expanding the algebraic representation. Paper folding, applications and modelling are just some of the elements that will be touched on in this workshop.

Maths In A Box
Jim Lowe
This hands-on workshop uses origami techniques to create paper boxes of varying sizes. Measurements collected from these boxes provide data for modelling activities which can be completed with or without technology. Participants will also develop a theoretical model for comparison with that obtained from the data collected.

Problem-Solving & Modelling Tasks In The New Mathematics Syllabus
Stephen Broderick
PSMT tasks contribute significantly to the overall assessment in the new senior mathematics courses. Examples of PSMT tasks and where to find data and information will be presented during this session.

Sponsorship for Victorian Regional Teachers to attend LEC PD Day & MAV Annual Conference 2019!

To encourage more regional mathematics educators to attend the MAV19 Annual conference, MAV has sought sponsorship from Texas Instruments to bring regional secondary teachers this fantastic opportunity for 3 days of PD!

We understand that it is a challenge for many regional teachers to attend events in Melbourne based on the additional cost for travel and accommodation.

Applications close Tuesday 8th October, with successful applicants advised by Monday 14th October. Download the application form here

TI is sponsoring the following for each of 5 successful teachers:

  • Registration to LEC PD Day at Mantra Bell City on Wed 4th Dec
  • Invitation to TI VIP Dinner on Wednesday night.
  • Registration for MAV19 Conference on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th December 2019
  • Travel allowance for use as required ($150)
  • 3 nights accommodation (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) at Break Free Bell City, including breakfast.
  • $25 dinner allowance for two nights ($50)

See application form for full criteria & conditions

Download the application form here

On Demand Webinar: Linear function algebra with TI-84 in 20mins.

Curriculum Inspirations Webinar Series

String Patterns (TI-84)

Presented: Thursday 5th September 2019
Duration: 20 minutes

In this Curriculum Inspiration, John explores creative ways to reinforce linear function algebra with Years 9–10 students and transformations of sets of such functions. The focus is on the students discovering what effect each parameter in the function (e.g. gradient & y-intercept) might have on the shape and location of the set of graphs. Speaker: John Bament

On Demand recordings will be available 48 hours after the live event.

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