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Students will have the opportunity to ask the presenter questions and will receive a revision worksheet to practice concepts covered in each webinar.

Specialist Mathematics Program

Friday 3rd April 2020

10am – Inverse and Reciprocal Trigonometric Functions

We will review inverse and reciprocal trigonometric functions; what they are, how to sketch them, how to find maximal domain, and how to solve trigonometric equations using your TI Nspire CAS Calculator.

11am – Complex Numbers (Part 1)

We will explore the conjugate root theorem and show how your CAS calculator can be used effectively in exam type questions. In particular, we will illustrate, with examples, when to use cSolve versus cZeros or cFactor; how to use expand and other Algebra features to save you time in Exam 2 multiple choice and extended response section.

Monday 6th April 2020

10am – Complex Numbers (Part 2)

We will explore how to convert between Cartesian and Polar form, how to apply De Moivre’;s Theorem, how to see connections between various representations of a complex number and their graphical equivalents. Your CAS calculator can easily convert a complex equation into a Cartesian relation and graph it on the Argand diagram as rays, lines and circles.

11am – Vectors (Part 1)

We will show how vectors can be entered into the CAS, as well as ways that CAS can be used to effectively deal with operations between two vectors, such as addition/subtraction, dot product and angles between vectors.

Tuesday 7th April 2020

10am – Vectors (Part 2)

We will show how CAS can be used for more advanced vector analysis, such as projections (scalar and vector), linear dependence/independence and geometry proofs.

11am – Calculus (Part 1)

We will review how to find a second derivative using your CAS calculator, along with points of inflection, what they are and how to find them using your CAS calculator, and how they relate to Concavity. We will look at ways of using your TI Nspire CAS Calculator in Exam 2 to efficiently approach questions that involve Differential Calculus. 

Wednesday 8th April

10am – Calculus (Part 2)

We will review how to analyse, interpret and approach Related Rates questions, including differentiating parametric equations using your TI Nspire CAS calculator. We will also explore how to efficiently use your calculator to perform implicit differentiation in Exam 2.

11am – Graph Sketching (Part 1)

We will explore the graphs of absolute value functions and various composite functions, where the modulus is involved. Further on, we will consider piecewise functions and how your CAS calculator can be used effectively for piecewise functions: to graph, solve equations and determine continuity and differentiability.

Thursday 9th April 2020

11am – Graph Sketching (Part 2)

We will show how reciprocal and rational functions can be sketched, including analysis of axes intercepts, asymptotes and stationary & inflection points. 

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