Conference Round-up rounding off the year

For many of us, Term 4 is the busiest; with exams, reports, step-up and transition classes as well as the various other end-of-year activities and commencement planning for the following year. It is also the time that several state maths associations hold their annual conference and the Teachers Teaching with Technology team host a range of Learn, Energise, Connect PD events.

For me, this involved the preparation and presentation of eight sessions across conferences in Perth (MAWA), Brisbane (LEC) and Melbourne (LEC & MAV). Although the online PD of webinars has become a popular and effective medium for our learning & communication, there is still a unique value in the collegiality and direct connection of face-to-face, hands-on conference workshops. All four of the events that I attended, were well-organised and enthusiastically embraced by the teachers that joined us.

This blog has already published two papers that were delivered at the MAWA conference by T-Cubed trainer, Peter Fox. See Lessons from CAS and Mathemagicians Exposed. I will also gradually add some articles from the sessions that I conducted: Crashing Robot Cars for
Simultaneous Linear Equations
, TI-84PlusCE™ Fundamentals, TI-84Plus CE™ – Know your Limits, Efficient and Effective use of TI-84PlusCE™ in the Mathematical Methods and Specialist Mathematics Exams, Widgets for GM & FM Exams, Mathematical Investigations for the new VCE structure and Tips for using TI-Nspire effectively in Further Mathematics.

I invite contributions from any other trainers who presented at these events. Please either send me an article for publishing or contribute to the discussion via the comments section.

Meanwhile I leave you with a collage of photos gathered from the gatherings and wish all readers a relaxing, healthy & enjoyable holiday.

Mathematical Association of Western Australia Conference, Perth 18-19 Nov
T-Cubed trainers Brian Lannen, Jody Crothers, Peter Flynn, Peter Fox and Megan West
Learn, Energise, Connect, Brisbane 29 Nov
T-Cubed trainers: Peter Fox, Melissa Hourigan Jim Lowe, Tammy Mize (Dallas office), Rodney Anderson and Curtis Browne (Dallas)
Learn, Energise, Connect, Melbourne 4 Dec
T-Cubed trainers: Jim Lowe, John Bament, Neale Woods, David Tynan, Peter Fox
Mathematics Association of Victoria conference 5-6 Dec
Photo at top shows WA’s Jody Crothers with Texas Instruments Education & Technology President, Peter Balyta, Tammy Mize (Dallas) and Curtis Browne (Dallas)


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