MAV Conference 5 & 6 December

Making Connections Mathematics Numeracy

Visit the TI Booth at the Conference

TI Australian Team will be there to answer all your questions, drop by the booth and mention code word: TEXAS to receive a gift!

Workshops using TI Technology

Rover Will Find the Solution Presenters: Rodney Anderson, Jim Lowe

The Art of Mathematics  Presenter: John Bament

Making Music with Maths  Presenter: John Bament

Complex Numbers, Polynomial Equations and Polygons Presenter: Yew
Fook Chan

Lights, Music and the TI-Innovator  Presenters: Raymond Rozen, Shane Dempsey

Bringing VCE Maths to Life with TI-Nspire  Presenter: Stephen Crouch

Rock N Rover  Presenter: Jody Crothers

Cartesian Coordinates Come to Life  Presenter: Jody Crothers

CAS in Specialist Mathematics Classroom  Presenter: Bozenna Graham

Mathematical Methods Unit 3: Introducing Discrete Random Variables  Presenter: Peter Flynn

Wowed by Widgets – The Directors Cut  Presenters: Chris Ireson, Len Bedier

Widgets and UDFs in the classroom using TI-Nspire  Presenter: James Mott

Geometry + Technology = Proof Presenter: Irina Lyublinskaya

Mathematical Methods: Probability enhanced with TI-Nspire  Presenter: Frank Moya

Maths and Music – play me a tune on your calculator  Presenter:  Brian Lannen

Mathematical Investigations for the new VCE Structure  Presenter: Brian Lannen

Function Junction – Exploring functions, graphing and coordinate geometry  Presenter: Roger Wander

Classic Geometric Constructions  Presenter: Neale Woods

Creating Widgets for Senior Mathematics  Presenter: Neale Woods

Tips for using TI Nspire CAS effectively in Further Mathematics  Presenter: Danijela Draskovic

Conceptualise and understand Mathematics with Geometry  Presenters: Sanjeev Meston

Taking conceptual understanding to the next level in Mathematical Methods  Presenters: Sanjeev Meston

Maximum fun with calculus  Presenter: Peter Fox

Avoiding the RHS  Presenter: Peter Fox

What’s New with CX II? Exploring TI-Nspire  Presenter: Peter Fox

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