Canberra Maths Association does it again – Meeting (High) Expectations

CMA delivered another brilliant conference last weekend – and this time even the weather was fine! Informative and stimulating keynote presentations were delivered by Amie Albrecht and Jane Watson. Another 28 workshop sessions were on the program for delegates to choose from. Accredited T3 Instructors Brian Lannen from Murray Mathematics and John Bament from O’Loughlin Catholic College, were part of the speaker team, with Brian hosting workshops on Data Capture for Optimisation Problems and Making Music with your Calculator (TI-Innovator). Meanwhile John presented sessions on The Art of Mathematics (TI-Rover) and 10 Types of People in the World (Coding).    

All four of these sessions were well attended and enthusiastically received. T3 Manager, Daisy Patsias, was also in attendance and was pleased for the opportunity to meet with Canberra teachers and CMA organisers.

Texas Instruments: instrumental in sponsorship with the hosting of Morning Tea as well as some luck prize draws. Pictured here is lucky draw winner, Damien Nemeth, from ACT’s School For Excellence with the new TI-Nspire CX II Calculator.

On his evaluation form, Brian commented that the strong and well-balanced academic program, physical facilities (ADFA), catering and hospitality have become standard expectations for this conference. At the Happy Hour wine & cheese, he explained to CMA President Jo McKenzie, “Sorry, but I can’t really tick the ‘exceeded expectation’ box, because I know from experience that this conference is always very good”.   

Link to conference resources will appear on the CMA website soon (From similar links on the CMA webpage, you can also view the resources shared from previous conferences).

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